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PDI118 0.5K-10KKRTXL
PF 0.8/0.7

Pure sine-wave inverter is special designed and produced for the actual needs of electric power system and the elecommunications, considering the space installation size, the demand for IT era inverter management automation and networking and the influence of noise on office or room staff
This inverter adopts advanced SPWM and CPU control technology, control precision, input and output isolation, safely and high efficiency, good reliability, especially the strong ability to withstand the impact of inductive loads. This of products are not only small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and maintenance, easy operation, low noise, low reflected noise, no pollution, but also have real time data acquisition and remote communication function. It is a convenient system for the majority of users with implementation of network management and remote monitoring.
It is not only applicable to the communications industry, but also for the other to supply high quality power requirements occasion, an ideal power choice for the office automation.
1) inverter is the intelligent power inverter, using intelligent microcomputer CPU control technology, the control circuit is simple, reliable, and fast response to changes in the external environment
2) inverter adopting SPWM technology, the output is pure sine-wave with stabilized voltage and frequency, filtering noise and low distortion
3) The inverter has strong load capacity, good load compatibility, built-in bypass switch, which improve the continuity and reliability of the inverter power supply
4) inverter DC input adopts advanced reflected noise suppression technology, without interfering with other communication devices which shared DC power, and AC input use multiple filtering technology to eliminate mains interference, which meet the application needs of using main AC power
5) inverter has 2 working types: AC power type and DC power type (It can be modified via LCD panel or communication background software)
a)AC power type means the city power supply is main when the city power is normal, when city power off, inverter comes into work state
b)DC power type means the inverter power supply is main when the city power is normal, when inverter power is off, city power comes into work state automatically
6) With the excellent design, inverter can be automatically switched to bypass on the running state. It’s easy to maintain and replace the battery without effecting load power supply
7) In case battery voltage is high/low or overload, the inverter will shut off. When battery voltage returns to normal, the inverter will automatically switch on; when overload was eliminated, the inverter will also automatically switch on. This feature is especially suitable for unattended communication base stations
8) inverter with LCD display, users can see the data anytime. LCD screen uses 1602B, 122 * 32 dot matrix, blue background, silver-white subtitles
9) Inverter support AC power on, in case of DC power fault conditions
10) inverter can support network communication system, power working state can be monitored by the supervision software (optional)
inverter supports TCP / IP protocol functions. It uses monitoring software to remote control single / multiple inverters via Ethernet(optional)
12) inverter provides three sets of passive dry contacts (with separate dry contact interface), respectively for the DC input failure (1,2 pin), AC input failure (5,6 pin) and AC output failure (3,4 pin) alarms


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