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GP 339 D
500KVA , 600KVA ,800KVA

This GP series large power UPS is true online, double conversion topology, with most innovative design and patents, power your business with the highest power quality. Environment friendly, high efficiency and high reliability provide the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
This series UPS is fully digital controlled, armed with several DSP, MCU, CPLD, and it can parallel up to 8 units for redundancy or capacity.It is truly a perfect high quality and innovational solutions to protect your large and critical equipments from any power problems
1.Leading technology

Advanced SCR rectifier and IGBT inverter control technology, true online double conversion topology, three phase in three phase out, 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz compatible.
Super wide input voltage/frequency range, adapt to harsh utility environments.
Higher overload capacity and output short-tolerant ability.
Input power factor up to 0.95 with input filter options, input THDi<4.5%.
Output power factor 0.9, brings 12.5% more power than traditional UPS.
Intelligent self diagnosis, mass memory to record operation log.
Super long MTBF and short MTTR.
Intelligent parallel and parallel ECO Mode.


Fully digital control with the most advanced DSP processor, higher system reliability. Redundant fan design, enhance system reliability.
Build-in output isolation transformer, eliminate neutral to ground drifting voltage, and isolate load harmonic current influence to inverter.
More than 90% components are from world well-known tier 1 suppliers, 100% IQC inspected. All final products will pass internal test procedure and 24 Hours burn-in before delivery, increase the system reliability.

3.Abundant options

Build-in various communication connectors (RS232, RS485, AS400, EPO etc).
Optional cards available: SNMP, battery management kit, lighting proof module, dust proof filter etc.


Front side maintenance, top or bottom wiring connection, with protection equipments. Friendly human machine interface, easy operation with large LCD panel and keyboards.


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