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1AC 220V pump : 0.4~5.5kW
3AC 380V pump : 0.75~110kW
3AC 220V pump : 0.4~11kW

Solar pump system, consisting of a solar array, solar pump inverter, AC water pump, and water tank, uses solar cells as power supply to directly take water from deep wells, rivers, lakes, and other water sources through the water pump. The solar array absorbs solar radiation and converts it into electric energy to provide power supply for the whole system. The solar pump inverter converts the DC output by the solar array into AC and drives the water pump; in addition, it adjusts the output voltage and frequency according to the sunshine intensity in real-time to realize maximum power point tracking and to maximize the use of solar energy. When the sunshine intensity is low, the solar pump system can switch to grid power for a complementary power supply.
* The system automatically starts in the morning and stops in the evening. It can run perfectly whenever there is sunshine, with no need of a back-up battery.
* Applicable to and suits all applications requiring water pumps.
* Compatible with all types of solar panels and AC pumps (such as self-priming pump, a submersible pump, deep-well pump, and surface pump).
* Maximum operating ambient temperature 60°C.
* Remote monitoring for real-time operation status and switching on/off by GPRS.
* Good performance even in cloudy weather.
* In the long run, the return on investment is much higher than diesel generators.
* Equipped with perfect protection, requires no man to be on duty, runs fully automatically.
* 18 months warranty for the whole system, 10 years warranty for the solar panel.


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