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Powerguard GP332C Series
Low Frequency Online UPS
10-120 kVA (3Ph in / 3Ph out)
Nominal Input voltage : 380/400/415VAC
Output Power factor : 0.8
Parallel : maximum : 8 PCS UPS
Battery can be shared in parallel

GP332C is an on-line double conversion UPS (VFIISS 111 in accordance with IEC EN 62040-3) with a transformer isolatedinverter. GP332C has a compact foot print and high quality output to provide the ultimate power protection for "mission critical" applications : data processing, telecommunications, industrial processes, security and electro-medical systems. The GP332C range includes three-phase output models from 10 to 120kVA, Models from 10-120kVA are available with a 6 or 12 pulse rectifier. From 100kVA to 120kVA GP332C is available in a HIP (High Input Performance) format with an IGBT-based rectifier offering even lower input harmonic distortion (THDi) and unity input power factor.
Distributed or centralised parallel up to 8 units per backup (N+1) or power parallel. A parallel between models with different power levels is possible

Hot System Expansion (HSE) : HSE allows the insertion of a new UPS within an existing system, without the need toswitch off the UPSs which are already operating or switch them to bypass mode.
This guarantees maximum load protection, even during maintenance and enlargement
Maximum levels of availability also in the event of an interruption to the parallel bus cable: the system is "FAULT TOLERANT". It is not affected by faults with the connection cables and continues to power the load without a continuity solution, signaling the anomaly with an alarm.

High Efficiency Parallel System (HEPS) : This is the system which optimises the efficiency of the system in parallel, according to the power required by the load at that moment. The N+1 redundancy is nevertheless guaranteed, but each UPS operating in parallel operates at the best possible load level in order to achieve the highest overall efficiency.


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