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Who we are?

POWERON – towards a Green Tomorrow

POWERON – founded in 2004, a leading provider & UPS manufacturer of power protection and Solar Invertor products. POWERON designs, manufactures, markets and services UPS system & uninterruptible power supply for end user, business and industry, from PCs to minicomputers, LANs, WANs, Medical and Scientific Equipments, office telecommunication equipment and global communication networks. In addition, as a professional UPS manufacturer, POWERON offers a complete line of power monitoring and controlling software for most of operating systems.

We offer wide range quality UPS products from 500VA to 800KVA, including Home inverter, Line interactive UPS(Offline UPS), Online UPS, Outdoor UPS, Modular UPS, Industrial UPS, Solar Inverters and UPS ,Sealed lead-acid maintenance free Battery, Battery Cabinet, Solar Panels,SNMP card, Electric Wiring accessories , Led lights etc.

As an international UPS manufacturer (Uninterruptible Power Supply) we are committed to maintain quality power for a green tomorrow, for our growing number of customers from all over the world. POWERON, the professional UPS manufacturer, is keenly expanding to provide its customers with better and better complete power solution worldwide. Investing a huge amount into research and development provides a steady stream of innovative new products. POWERON’s UPS system products range from the low-cost stand-by UPS’s and line-interactive to true on-line double conversion series. Compact and user friendly design and above average run time is incorporated into the design of all POWERON products. As a professional and experienced UPS manufacturer, POWERON is confident that its power products will satisfy you!


POWERON’s competitiveness is not only derived from hardware design but also from unique software research and development. POWERON’s in house design software, plus Network allows network managers to utilize POWERON’s on-line and line-interactive UPSs to monitor the battery, power load, Input and output AC voltage and other conditions from PC or color monitor screens. Moreover, the system will automatically notify user should there is a power problem occur.

POWERON has been serving many global corporations as a professional UPS manufacturer for many years. POWERON knows how to work with clients by experience. From previewing the prospective product to offering an approach to product lines, each developing process is carefully followed and every product has to pass sophisticated engineering and reliability tests to meet client’s demands. POWERON, a certified UPS manufacturer with many years of hands on experience, welcome inquires of distributing POWERON products as well as building business partnerships together all over the world. Whatever your requirement is, you will find that POWERON is the complete power solution.


POWERON specialized in manufacture and export for several years in UPS field; Power Equipements are our main business mode. Under a strong R&D team, we are proud of our products can meet different needs from global clients with first class after sales service. We have leading world UPS technology and following an international quality management system from material source, process, assembling to testing,POWERON Company invests a better portion of its annual revenue in researching and development every year. Meanwhile, we also invited the best technical elites at home and abroad and established friendly cooperation with scientific research units and academies, now POWERON is working towards to become the most powerful AsiaPacific supplier around the world.


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