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PI 338A 10-160KVA 3:3
3Ph in/3Ph out Online Industry UPS

3Ph in/3Ph out Online Industry UPS,input/output full isolation protection,Digital Control,static switch,Large-Screen LCD monitor
1.Adopt full digital control technology.
2.Intelligent detection and monitoring function.
3.Digital control and static switch zero switching.
4.Input/output full isolation
5.DC UPS isolated with utility power completely.
6.Cubicle design with power standard.
7.Multifunctional protection for overvoltage,low voltage,
8.Overcurrent, short circuit and so on.
9.Large-screen LCD monitor Chinese and English operation interface.
10.Ultralong 256 event records, user-friendly analysis and management to the situation of power supply.
11.Static bypass has a strong anti-overload capacity.

Control System:
Adopt microprocessor bus control technology and ensure the real-time control of rectifier, inverter, static switch as well as coordination of each power part, characterized by increased control of aging, higher reliability, enhance the efficiency of complete UPS system and the output technical parameters are better than that of the general capacity of equipment.


6 pulse or 12 pulse fully controlled bridge (6 or 12 SCR) composed of rectifier, its function is input AC 380V rectified for DC 405V or so. Control features for the "slope" start, that is to say the output voltage of rectifier within 10 seconds from the 0V to 405V and no impact on the power grid.


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