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PH119E 1-3KRTS (US)
Input Rated Volatage -100/110/115/120/127VAC
Output Rated Voltage -100/110/115/120/127VAC

The PH 119E convertible double conversion true on -line series, featured with 3-level charging method,high input & output power factors, up to 90% conversion efficiency, superior input voltage window for energy saving, estimated remaining time, ECO mode, is an ideal solution to your computer center,network center, communication system, automatic control system or other critical systems, which is demanding for a thorough protection.
• Cold Start
• Efficiency up to 90%
• Emergency Power Off
• Matching Battery Pack
• Hot-Swappable Battery
• Optional Powerful Charger
• True Online Double Conversion
• Rack/Tower Convertible Design
• High Output Power Factor at 0.9PF
• 3-level intelligent Charging Method
• Charger/Fan Status on the LCD Display
• Frequency Converter Mode is Settable
• Support Economic(ECO) Operation Mode
• Estimated Remaining Time displayed on the LCD
• Power Shedding May Turn Off Uncritical Load in Battery Backup
• Patented Mimic LCD Display May be Rotated by Simply Pushing Front Button
• Green Concept Design with Superior lnput Voltage Window for Energy Saving


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