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Outdoor Solar & Rectifier Power System

POWERON PO-ACSOR Outdoor Solar & Rectifier Power System is designed for outdoor telecommunication projects. It is usually used in corners of city, remote roads mountainous areas, deserts, islands and other bad environments. Because those areas are Widely distributed and difficult to reach, the combination of solar photovoltaic power and mains power becomes the best choice for the communication base stations there. The implementation of the photoelectric complementary solution in such unstable areas can successfully achieve the energy conservation and emission reduction targets, at the same time effectively improve the reliability of the power supply of the base stations.
Multi~Energy Complementary Power Supply Solution
According to the site environment, accesses different complementary power supply systems of solar energy, mains electricity, and generator.
Modular Design
The solar modules and rectifier modules adopt a modular hot-swappable design, enabling flexible configuration, convenient expansion, and easy maintenance.
Excellent MPPT Function
Maximum power tracking accuracy Is greater than 99.5%, system conversion efficiency is greater than 96% (solar mode) Energy Saving Management Mode
Maximizes energy saving, according to the operation mode of the solar energy priority, mains(generator) supplement, and and battery backup. Makes full use of green solar energy, achieving the purposes or energy saving and emission reduction.
Intelligent Battery Management
It has battery protection function automatic voltage regulation, current limiting. battery capacity calculation, automatic equalizing and floating charge conversion, online battery test, etc. A series of complete battery management functions ensure long service life of batteries in harsh power grid environment.
All-Round Lightning Protection
The system provides all-round lightning protection on the AC input side, solar input side, DC side, and signal sided. Protection Design
IP55 high protection grade cabinet and advanced temperature control design ensure reliable operation of the system in harsh outdoor environments.
Flexible Monitoring Networking The system can realize local monitoring and remote monitoring control, providing dry contacts, CAN communication and R5232 intelligent ports. The monitoring unit adopts centralized monitor to manage the solar module, mains power, rectifier, and generator.


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