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How to Improve Data Center Cooling Effect Better?
PMT Precision Air Conditioner,
A Perfect Solution for You.
Reliability – Efficiency – Environment Protection – Flexibility

High Reliability
With the powerful platform of technical tools and resources, POWERON concentrates on every step of R&D and production to build PMT precision air conditioner, green, reliable and efficient, to protect your data center critical IT equipment running 365 days X 24 hours.

High Strength Test Verification

Every PMT unit was fully tested and verified to be able to run under extreme condition.
Highly Efficient and Stable System Matching Design

The refrigeration system of PMT was carefully designed. Better heat exchanging effect, better Flow control, better air distribution to make the unit more efficient and more robust.

High Quality Components

PMT unit is made of carefully selected components. Compressor, fan, valves, control system, heating, and humidifying system are all industry-recognized brands, which keep the unit reliable and long life.

Advanced and Reliable Intelligent Control System

The powerful control system of the PMT unit can achieve high efficiency, energy-saving and reliability.
Group working mode (achieve energy saving operation, rotating operation and rotating when main unit fails)

Remote monitoring access with common protocol

Status and alarm display by diagram

All alarm records

Display and setting the environmental parameters

Records the operating time of main components and maintenance time

Multiple level password protection

Auto restart after power regains

Optional 5.7" (320 X 240) color touch screen, the page more friendly, the manipulation more convenient.
High Efficiency

PMT is made of highly efficient components and a precise control system. All components are carefully controlled to work together in harmonized and efficient mode.

Efficient Configurations

High Efficiency Fan
Backward centrifugal fan means lower energy consumption, less maintenance, better air distribution and cooling efficiency comparing with the forward fan. Optional EC fan with 90% effciency motor brings wider airflow range and lower fan power consumption.

High-efficiency Scroll Compressor

The high-quality scroll compressor means high reliability, low noise, and long-running life.

Intelligent Humidifying Control

Humidifying capacity is adjustable from 20%~100%

Dynamic Airflow

EC fan can make a quick response to the output requirement and gains maximum 30%

High Efficiency Heating System

Aluminum type heater with high heat density, compact structure, quickly h e a t i n g , s t a b l e , l o w e r s u r f a c e temperature and long life can work on three staged and able to maintain temperature level precisely.

Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV)

EEV’ s wide flow capacity and precision control characteristics bring stable startup and better cooling operation; get b e s t u s e o f l o w e n v i r o n m e n t a l temperature, saving 30% energy cost maximum (Optional) .

High Efficiency Humidifying System

Intelligent humidifying control system can automatically drain and flush, suitable for different water quality.

3 Kinds of Staged Heating System
Staged heater matches environmental requirements with adjustable heating output, stably maintaining optimum temperature envelop.

Optimized Refrigerant Flow Control

The valve’s output can match all situations, which could improve the performance and efficiency. Microcomputer-controlled EEV could save 30% consumption.


PMT precision air conditioner is available with 7 kinds of cooling types, 6 kinds of frames, upflow & downflow, wide cooling capacity range and any other customized configuration, to meet your specified requirements.

Adaptable Modular Assembly

PMT is built with high-quality modular assembly, which is adjustable to match your data center design choice.

• Fan assembly • Humidifying assembly • Throttling assembly • Heating assembly • Cooling assembly
Customized Options

Per requirement, POWERON is ready to go to design a suitable cooling solution only for you.

Flexible Capacity Configuration

Every PMT unit has a separate control system, supporting ground working mode, or stand alone working mode. It can be planed and deployed as your business changes.

Wide Cooling Range

The cooling capacity of PMT is from 25kW to 300kW and is extendable to upto 2000kW overcome the mega data center capacity challenges.

Modular Structure Design

Compact Footprint, Easier Service, Easier Transportation. The PMT is designed with modularity mechanical frame. The unit can be torn down to several modular subassemblies. It is easy to be transported to site wherever the lift space is limited. It can be front serviced for all components, the flank and back side also can be opened.

7 Kinds of Cooling Types

PMT is available with 7 kinds of cooling types: air cooled, water cooled, chilled water, glycol cooled, air dual cooled, water dual cooled and dual chilled water systems.
The dual cooling system of PMT series precision air conditioner is better in the aspect of redundancy, and stronger fault strain ability.

6 Kinds of Frame Sizes

The PMT full capacity ranges are built with 6 kinds of frame sizes, and each size is compatible with upflow and downflow. The depth of unit is 850mm, the height is 1960mm, and the width is from 850mm to 2810mm.
Note : Chilled water series built with 9 kinds of frame size, and each size is compatible with upper air supply and downside air supply. The depth of unit is 850mm, the height is 1960mm, and the width is from 854mm to 3654mm.


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