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3:3 PHASE PF : 0.9

PMU series UPS is 3-phase On-line UPS, in which the advanced 3-level inverter & latest DSP-controlled technology are employed.Modular N+X parallel redundancy design ensures the normal operation all the time even though one of power module is in fault. And hot-swappable feature ensure UPS normal operations to the load without interruption during maintenance and replacement with low MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).
By employing TI’s DSP control, the processing speed and fault protection become much better.
By using advanced 3-level inverter technology, it has good output wave form and high over-all efficiency.
With cold-start function, the UPS can be started up without AC input.
Because the input power factor is up to 0.999, the energy efficiency can be improved a lots, the grid load becomes lower, and the cost of electricity distribution can be reduced.
Intelligent battery management: it is automatically converting boost or float charge, temperate compensate to avoid over or less charge; adjusted the cut off voltage of discharge according to load capacity, greatly extend life of the battery pack. With intelligent fan speed control, the fan speed is depended on the load capacity to extend the life of fan.
Under ECO energy-saving mode, the efficiency of UPS system can be more than 99%, suitable for the area of good AC quality.
And it can quickly switch back to inverter mode within 5ms.
Manual bypass design ensures uninterrupted operations during maintenance and the system becomes more reliable


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